Gems of Spirituality – Kabir Ke Dohe

|| 1 ||
Maya Taje To Kya Hua
Maan Taja Naa Jaaye
Maan Bade Munivar Gaye
Maan Saban Ko Khaye
It is very easy to give up efforts and lose weath. It is really very difficult to give up the ego. Very great and analytical people have fallen victim to ego. The ego is killing one and all.

|| 2 ||
Kade Abhimaan Na Kijiye
Kaha Kabir Samajhaye
Ja Seer Aha Jo Sanchare
Pade Chouryasi Jaaye
Don’t have ego. He who has ego is restless always.

|| 3 ||
Sukha Ke Sangi Swarthi
Dukh Me Rahate Door
Kahe Kabir Parmarathi
Dukh Sukh Sada Hujoor
The fair weather friends stay away when we face the rough weather. Those who understand the truth are with us at all times.

|| 4 ||
Sabase Laghuta Hi Bhali
Laghuta Se Sab Hoye
Jasa Dwitiya Ka Chandrama
Shashi Lahai Sab Koye
It is always better to be humble. Being humble is an effective way of getting results. The Moon of the second day ( after the no moon day) is loved by all.

|| 5 ||
Chhama Badan Ko Uchit Hai
Chhotan Ko Utpat
Ka Bishno Ka Ghati Gaya
Jo Bhrug Mari Laat
Forgiveness befits the person who is great. One who is petty does something destructive. What is the loss incured by God Vishnu after receiving a blow from Maharishi Bhrugu.

|| 6 ||
Jaisa Bhojan Kijiye
Vaisa Hi Mana Hoye
Jaisa Paani Pijiye
Taisi Vani Hoye
Your mind is affected by the food that you consume. Your voice is the reflection of the drinks you have.

|| 7 ||
Kabira Te Nar Andh Hai
Jo Guru Kahate Aur
Hari Ruthe Guru Thor Hai
Guru Ruthe Nahi Thor
Kabir says that the people who do not understand Guru are blind. If God is displeased with us then Guru is there for salvation. If he is displeased there can be no salvation.

|| 8 ||
Kabira Dheeraj Ke Dhare
Haathi Man Bhar Khaaye
Tuk Tuk Bekar Me
Svan Ghare Ghar Jaaye
As the elephant has patience it eats till its mind is satisfied. But the impatient dog runs here and there in the hope of food.

|| 9 ||
Ghee Ke To Darshan Bhale
Khana Bhala Na Tel
Dana To Dushman Bhala
Murakh Ka Kya Mel
It is better if one can just have a chance of looking at the purified butter. It is not good to eat oil. It is good to have a sensible person as our enemy than to befriend a fool.

|| 10 ||
Chandan Jaisa Sadhu Hai
Sarp Hi Sab Sansar
Taake Ang Lapta Rahe
Mana Me Nahi Vikar
A good person is like a sandal tree. The world is like a snake. The snake resides on the sandal tree but the sandal tree does not become poisonous to any extent.

|| 11 ||
Vruksha Bola Paat Se
Sun Patte Meri Baat
Is Ghar Ki Yah Reet Hai
Ik Aawat Ik Jaat
A tree tells a leave that listen to the tradition of my family. It is that one comes while another goes.

|| 12 ||
Mai Meri Jab Jayegi
Tab Aayegi Aur
Jab Ye Nishchal Hoyega
Tab Pavega Thor
When ego will go then someone else will come. When the mind becomes calm then the truth is revealed.

|| 13 ||
Dhan Rahe Na Jauvan Rahe
Rahe Gaav Na Dhaam
Kahe Kabira Jas Rahe
Kar De Kisika Kaam
Niether the wealth has permanance nor the youth. What someone can have forever is his good name. This someone can achieve only after working for the wellbeing of others.

|| 14 ||
Jhute Sukha Ko Sukha Kahe
Manat Hai Mana Mouj
Jagat Chabena Kaal Ka
Kuch Mukh Me Kuch Goud
Our mind is delighted in having sensual pleasures. Let us understand that the world is being devoured by the time. Somebody is in the mouth while others are on the platter.

|| 15 ||
Maan Badai Naa Kare
Bada Na Bole Bol
Hira Mukha Se Na Kahe
Laakh Hamara Mol
Dont have ego. Dont talk big. A diamond never says that it has a great cost.

|| 16 ||
Gyani Se Kahiye Kaha
Kahat Kabir Lajaye
Andhe Aage Nachate
Kala Akarat Jaaye
When Kabir is asked to teach an intellectual then he feels shy. What is the use of showing dancing skills to one who is blind.

|| 17 ||
Sheetal Shabad Uchchariye
Aham Maniye Nahi
Tera Pritam Tujh Me Hai
Dushman Bhi Tujh Mahi
You should speak sweet honeyed words. You should not have ego. Your beloved is in your mind and your enemy is also there.

|| 18 ||
Khod Khad Dharati Sahe
Kaat Koot Vanaraay
Kutil Vachan Sadhu Sahe
Aur Se Saha Na Jaaye
The earth bears the digging. The forest bears the axe. A person who is good bears the harsh words. Others cannot bear the harsh words.

|| 19 ||
Mana Ke Bahu Satrang Hai
Chhin Chhin Badale Soye
Ek Rang Me Jo Rahe
Aisa Birla Koye
There are many colors of the mind. The mind is always changing its color. He is very rare whose mind does not change color.

|| 20 ||
Mitha Sab Koi Khaat Hai
Vish Hai Laage Dhaay
Neem Na Koi Peevasi
Sabe Rog Mit Jaay
Everyone likes eating sugar. This results in spreading of poison in the body. None likes to drink juice of Neem leaves. This can cure the body from all diseases.

|| 21 ||
Naari Purush Sab Hi Suno
Yah Satguru Ki Saakh
Vish Phal Phale Anek Hai
Mat Dekho Koi Chaakh
Listen everybody to the preaching of a good preacher. There are many ways of sensual enjoyment. But one should abstain from any such way.

|| 22 ||
Parnari Ki Yaachna
Jo Lahasun Ki Khan
Kone Baithe Khaiye
Pragat Hoye Nidaan
A desire for other’s wife is like a mine of garlic. A person can eat garlic hiding from all. But the fact of his having consumed garlic is clear to anyone who meets him.

|| 23 ||
Padha Suna Seekha Sabhi
Miti Naa Sanshay Shool
Kahe Kabir Kaso Kahu
Ye Sab Dukh Ka Mool
One may read, listen and learn everything. But after doing all this he has confusion. Kabir is at pains to explain that confusion is the root of sorrow.

|| 24 ||
Pahale Shabad Pichhaniye
Pichhe Kije Mol
Parkhi Parkhe Ratan Ko
Shabad Ka Mol Na Tol
First you should understand what has been said by others. Then you can make the valuation of the words that you have listened. A goldsmith can test the purity of gold. One does not have any means for the valuation and weighment of words.

|| 25 ||
Mana Unmana Na Toliye
Shabada Ke Mol Na Tol
Murakh Log Na Janaasi
Aapa Khoya Bol
When your mind is raged then you should not react to the words. One does not have any means for the valuation and weighment of words. The fools do not understand this and lose their balance while talking.

|| 26 ||
Shram Hi Se Sab Kuchh Bane
Bin Shram Mile Na Kaahi
Sidhi Ungli Ghee Jamo
Kabasu Nikase Naahi
Efforts can accomplish everything. Nothing can be accomplished without taking efforts. A purified butter that is frozen cannot be taken out with a straight finger.

|| 27 ||
Tinka Kabahu Naa Nindiye
Paav Tale Jo Hoye
Kaba Huni Aankho Pare
Peed Ghaneri Hoye
One should not abuse a blade of grass under one’s feet. If that happens to strike on one’s eye then there will be terrific pain.

|| 28 ||
Oonche Kul Ke Karane
Bhool Raha Sansar
Tab Kul Ki Kya Laaj Hai
Jab Tan Laago Chaad
Dont disregard the world at large under the notion that you belong to a great family. Where will be the prestige of your family on the day on which you will have to depart from the world.

|| 29 ||
Maya Maya Sab Kahe
Maya Lakhe Na Koye
Jo Manase Na Utare
Maya Kahiye Soye
Everyone talks about delusion. No one understands what it is. The one that wraps the mind should be identified as delusion.

|| 30 ||
Bhookhe Ko Kuch Deejiye
Yathashakti Jo Hoye
Taa Upar Sheetal Bachan
Lakho Aatma Soye
Offer to the needy whatever you can. Speak sweet honeyed words to all. This is how you will come to know the eternal spirit.

|| 31 ||
Chidiya Choch Bhar Le Gayi
Nadi Ko Ghatyo Naa Neer
Daan Diye Dhan Naa Ghaate
Kaha Gaye Daas Kabir
A sparrow flies away with a beakful of water. A river does not have any depletion of its water due to this. Similarly one does not decrease his wealth by giving donation.

|| 32 ||
Jo Koi Ninde Sadhu Ko
Sankat Aave Soye
Narak Jaaye Janame Mare
Mukti Kabahu Na Hoye
One who abuses a good person invites disaster for himself. He goes to hell and changes his state of mind every time. He cannot attain salvation in any manner.

|| 33 ||
Vishaya Vasana Uljhikar
Jaanam Gavaya Baat
Ab Pachatava Kya Kare
Nij Karani Kar Yaad
You were entangled in the sensual pleasures. This is how you have wasted your life. You are repenting today. You should remind your past actions.

|| 34 ||
Dharma Kiye Dhan Na Ghaate
Nadi Ghate Naa Neer
Apni Aakhan Dekh Lo
Kaha Gaye Das Kabir
One does not decrease his wealth by giving donation. A river does not experience any depletion of its water. Kabirdas wants you to see this on your own.

|| 35 ||
Ati Hat Mat Kar Bavare
Hat Se Baat Ne Hoye
Jyon Jyon Bheeje Kamari
Tyon Tyon Bhaari Hoye
Dont just insist for something without sense. Just by your insisting the thing cannot happen. The gunny bags of salt will gain weight every moment if these are immmersed in water.

|| 36 ||
Gyan Samagam Prem Sukh
Daya Bhakti Biswas
Guru Seva Te Paiye
Satguru Charan Niwas
Knowledge, association with good, love, happiness, mercy, devotion and faith. All this after being in the service at the feet of a good preceptor.

|| 37 ||
Guru Kumbhar Shish Kumbh Hai
Gadi Gadi Kadhe Khot
Andar Haat Savar De
Bahar Mare Chot
A preceptor is like a potter (earthman) and a disciple is like a pot. A potter hits the pot from outside and provides every support from within.

|| 38 ||
Kabira Man Panchi Bhaya
Bhave Taha Aa Jaaye
Jo Jaisi Sangat Kare
So Taisa Phal Paye
A mind is like a bird. It goes where it likes. The results one gets is for the company he keeps.

|| 39 ||
Sheel Shama Jab Upaje
Alakh Drishti Tab Hoye
Bin Sheel Pahuche Nahi
Laakh Kathe Jo Koye
When one experiences great qualities like good character and mercy rising in his mind then one can see the truth. Without this there is no other path to the truth.

|| 40 ||
Kabira Gyan Bichar Bin
Hari Dhundhan Ko Jaye
Tan Me Tirloki Base
Ab Tak Parkha Naye
Kabir says that you are searching God without proper thinking and knowledge. He is there within you. You dont know how to see.

|| 41 ||
Kala Nala Heen Jal
So Phir Paani Hoye
Jo Paani Moti Bhaya
So Phir Neer Na Hoye
An ice becomes water in the course of time. The water that has become a pearl will never again become water.

|| 42 ||
Kaami Tare Krodhi Tare
Lobhi Ki Gati Hoye
Salil Bhakta Sansar Me
Tarat Na Dekha Koye
A man of lust or a man of anger can get salvation. A man of greed can come to the right path. But a person who drinks wine is never seen as being saved in this world.

|| 43 ||
Tan Man Lajja Na Kare
Kaam Baan Ur Shaal
Ek Kaam Sab Bas Kiye
Sur Nar Muni Behaal
He who has arrows of lust pricked in his chest does not know how to tame his body or mind. The one lust has occupied the mind of all. The divine creatures, human beings and the people undertaking penance have been made to lose the peace by the lust.

|| 44 ||
Ghar Jaaye Ghar Ubhare
Ghar Raakhe Ghar Jaaye
Ek Achambha Dekhiya
Mua Kaal To Khaye
The utmost wonder is that the time devours everything.

|| 45 ||
Kabira Yah Gati Atpati
Chatpati Lakhi Naa Jaaye
Jo Mana Ki Khatpat Mite
Adhar Bhaya Thaharaye
A restless mind is not a mind in good state. Only the mind that becomes stable can get rest.

|| 46 ||
Sevak Seva Me Rahe
Sevak Kahiye Soye
Kahe Kabira Bavla
Sevak Kabhi Na Hoye
A good disciple remains in the service of preceptor. A person who is senseless can never be a good disciple.

|| 47 ||
Satguru Mila Jo Janiye
Gyan Ujala Hoye
Bharam Ka Bhanda Todkar
Rahe Nirala Hoye
If you will be at the feet of the preceptor then you will experience the glow of knowledge. You should break the sphere of delusion and maintain your independence.

|| 48 ||
Bandhe Ko Bandhe Mile
Chhoote Koun Upaaye
Jo Mile Nirbandh Ko
Pal Me Le Chhudaye
A person who has his arms tied meets others whose arms are also tied. Now how should they set themselves free. If they meet the one whose arms are not tied then he will set them free immediately.

|| 49 ||
Kabir Lahare Samudra Ki
Moti Bikhare Aaye
Bagula Parakh Na Jaan Hi
Hansa Chun Chun Khaye
The waves of sea spread the pearls on the sea-shore. A heron cannot understand how to identify a pearl. A swan carefully identifies the pearls and gets satisfied.

|| 50 ||
Kabira Darshan Sadhu Ke
Karan Na Kije Kaani
Jo Udham Se Lakshami Ki
Alas Mana Se Haani
Dont shirk to meet a good person. An intoxicated or lethargic mind causes loss of wealth.

|| 51 ||
Sadhu Shabda Samudra Hai
Jaa Me Ratan Bharaay
Mand Bhag Mutthi Bhar
Kankar Haath Lagaay
A good person is an ocean of pearls. Those who are not intelligent end with handful of sand after meeting a good person.

|| 52 ||
Sadhu Bhookha Bhav Ka
Dhan Ka Bhookha Nahi
Dhan Ka Bhookha Jo Phire
So To Sadhu Naahi
A good person wants that you should have faith in what he says. He is not after your money. He who roams for money is not a good person.

|| 53 ||
Bhes Dekh Na Puchhiye
Puchh Lijiye Gyan
Bina Kasouti Hot Nahi
Kanchan Ki Pehchan
Dont go after the outward appearance. See whether he has the right knowledge. A goldsmith cannot verify the purity of gold without putting it to test.

|| 54 ||
Kasturi Kundal Base
Mrug Dhoondhe Ban Maahi
Jyo Ghat Ghat Ram Hai
Duniya Dekhe Nahi
A deer has the fragrance in itself and runs throughout the forest for finding it. Similarly Ram is everywhere but the world does not see.

|| 55 ||
Koyala Bhi Ho Ujala
Jari Pari Jo Sek
Murakh Hoy Naa Ujala
Jo Kaala Ka Khet
A coal becomes white when put on fire. A fool does not shun his foolishness after any treatment.

|| 56 ||
Kabira Teri Jhopadi
Gal Katiyan Ke Paas
Jaisi Karani Vaisi Bharani
Tu Kyu Hua Udaas
One reaps what one sows

|| 57 ||
Karata Raha So Kyo Raha
Ab Kari Kyo Pachhataye
Boye Ped Babul Ka
So Amua Kaha Se Paaye
You were about to do this. But why you did not do. You had sown seeds of babul tree. Therefore you should not expect mangos from the tree.

|| 58 ||
Kabira Garva Naa Kijiye
Kabahu Naa Hasiye Koye
Aja Ye Naav Samudra Me
Naa Jane Kya Hoye
Dont feel proud. Dont mock at anybody. Your life is like a boat in the sea. Who can say what may happen at any time.

|| 59 ||
Maati kahe kumbhar ko
Tu kya roondhe mohe
Ek din aisaa aayega
Mai roondhoo gi tohe.
A person who makes earthen pots from the earth beats the earth under his feet to facilitate fine moulding work. See how the destiny works. His body is decomposed in the same earth after his death.

|| 60 ||
Aaye hai jo jaayenge
Raaja rank fakir
Ek sinhaansan chadhi chale
Dooja bandhe janjeer.
He who comes to this world has to depart. He may be a king or a fakir. He who departs also comes back due to his effects of past actions.

|| 61 ||
Chalti chakki dekh re
Diya kabira roye
Do paatan ke beech mein
Baaki bacha na koyi
Baaki bacha na koyi.
Between the grinding stones of cravings and aversions the whole world is being crushed. Kabir weeps at the plight of the world as none is able to see the truth.

|| 62 ||
Kabira Seep Samudra Ki
Khara Jal Nahi Le
Paani Piye Swati Ka
Shobha Sagar De
A shell in the ocean does not take any salty water from the ocean. It drinks the raindrops falling during the period of Swati Constellation and adds to the beauty of the ocean.

|| 63 ||
Satguru Mila To Sab Mile
Naa To Mila Naa Koye
Maat Pita Sut Bandhava
Ye To Ghar Ghar Hoye
If someone is able to have a privilege of being in the company of a good preceptor then he has the privilege of being in the company of all. Otherwise he does not understand any relation. The relatives like mother, father, son and brother are there in all families.

|| 64 ||
Chinta To Guru Naam Ki
Aur Na Chitave Daas
Jo Koi Chitave Naam Binu
Soi Kaal Ki Aas
It is better to meditate on Guru. He who meditates on anything else will be devoured by the time.

|| 65 ||
Kahata Hu Kahi Jaat Hu
Kahat Bajaye Dhol
Swasa Khaali Jaat Hai
Teen Lok Ka Mol
Dont say that you belong to a very prominent caste. This is nothing for which you should beat drums. You are wasting your breaths and standing separated from the eternal spirit.

|| 66 ||
Daas Bananna Kathin Hai
Mai Dasan Ka Daas
Ab To Aisa Hoye Rahu
Paav Tale Ki Ghaas
It is difficult to serve others. I am serving those who are serving others. Now I long to become like a grass under the feet of people.

|| 67 ||
Vishaya Tyag Bairagya Hai
Samata Kahiye Gyan
Sukhadayi Sab Jeev So
Yahi Bhakati Parmaan
Being detached means renouncing the sensual pleasures. Knowledge means equanimity. Devotion means creating happiness for all the beings.

|| 68 ||
Bhakati Mahal Bahu Ooch Hai
Door Hi Se Darshaay
Jo Koi Jan Bhakati Kare
Shobha Barni Naa Jaaye
The palace of devotion has a very great height. This one can observe from a distance. Whoever is engaged in devotion, words fall short for describing his beauty.

|| 69 ||
Kabira Yeh Sansar Hai
Jaisa Semal Phool
Din Das Ke Vyavahar Me
Jhoote Rang Na Bhool
This world is like a flower that traps a bee. Dont get overwhelmed by what you experience for a while.

|| 70 ||
Ek Din Aisa Aayega
Sab Se Pade Bichhoh
Raja Rani Raav Rank
Savadh Kyo Nahi Hoye
On the last day there will be separation from everybody. This should be understood by one and all.

|| 71 ||
Jaise Bhakati Kare Sabai
Vaise Pooja Hoye
Bhay Palat Hai Jeev Ko
Nirbhay Hoye Naa Koye
Your mind should have devotion to come out of the loop of fear.

|| 72 ||
Shabda Barabar Dhan Nahi
Jo Koi Jaane Bol
Hira To Damo Mile
Shabda Mol Naa Tol
He who is good at speaking understands that there is no wealth like words. A diamond can be purchased for a value. One do not just have any means for valuation of word.

|| 73 ||
Ram Naam Ki Loot Hai
Loot Sake To Loot
Antakaal Pachhatayega
Jab Pran Jayenge Chhoot
You have the access to the name of Ram without any cost. Why dont you have access to it as much as you can. Otherwise at the last moment of your life you will feel sorry.

|| 74 ||
Neend Nishani Mout Ki
Uttha Kabira Jaag
Aur Rasayan Chaadi Ke
Naam Rasayan Laag
A state of being asleep is at par with the state of being dead. Therefore Kabir should get up. He should shun everything else and remember the God.

|| 75 ||
Jaha Kshama Taha Dharma Hai
Jaha Lobh Taha Paap
Jaha Krodh Taha Kaal Hai
Jaha Shaanti Taha Aap
Righteousness is there where forgiveness is. Sin is there where greed is. Death is there where anger is. God is there where peace is.

|| 76 ||
Paachhe Din Paachhe Gaye
Hari Se Kiyo Na Het
Ab Pachhtaye Hot Kya
Jab Chidiya Chug Gayi Khet
You have spent so many days in the past without remembering God. Now you are feeling sad. What can be done now? The field has been rendered without any grain by the sparrows now.

|| 77 ||
Saach Barabar Tap Nahi
Jhoot Barabar Paap
Jaake Hirday Saach Hai
Taake Hirday Aap
There is no penance greater than abiding by the truth. There is no sin greater than being false. Those who have truth in their mind have God in their mind.

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